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Self Made Success in 2020

20 Things My Coaching Business Has Taught Me


  1. Your job isn’t to sell, market, or create. Your job is to work on your belief
  2. Don’t assume your audience understands anything. Ask yourself “how can I help them better understand”
  3. Think of yourself as always in the middle of your goal journey.. You’ve already started and your job is to enjoy the confident, powerful, journey not focus on the finish line
  4. Your job is to get your client to think beyond this moment. They look backwards for proof of what is possible. Teach them to look at their future self
  5. Success is not a fluke. Life doesn’t happen to you, you create it and it’s a bonus if you can learn to enjoy every bit of the creation
  6. Once you achieve your goal, take responsibility for duplicating that success, saying it was “luck” is a copout
  7. Expect obstacles, prepare for them and lessen the mind drama
  8. Review the steps you took to create your result so you can see the bigger picture of how this was NOT a fluke
  9. Take the focus off of you by thinking about what your audience needs to hear today
  10. Self validation eliminates the need for approval from others 
  11. Delegating decisions keeps you from taking responsibility
  12. Learning from yourself is THE best education (what worked, what didn’t work, what will I do different)
  13. Practice neutralizing the highs and lows so that you can sustain the energy necessary to keep creating value
  14. Seperate your effort from the results by focusing on your thoughts and feelings
  15. Practice detaching from your clients outcomes so that you can better detach from your own and become failure adverse 
  16.  Success and Failure is just what you do as an entrepreneur and that creates space to enjoy all other aspects of your life
  17. Clean selling is focusing on what your client needs and not what they think about you
  18. Believing you have a “seat at the table” (that your input and engagement is valuable) changes how you show up personally and professionally
  19. Embody your work, be an example of what is possible, create your experience on purpose- It’s not a fluke. 
  20. Be willing to fail and learn and YOU will become THE best teacher for yourself


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