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T’was the Chaos Before Christmas…

T’was the chaos before Christmas and all I could do
Was worry about the cookies and cocktails a brew

For a recovering indulger the struggle is real
Santa brought shame before I knew how to deal

This year is different as I’m in control
My circumstances are neutral and no longer take toll

“Your thoughts are a choice” a wise woman once said
And visions of sugar plums danced in my head

With a pen in hand I unloaded my brain
Intentionally extinguishing the roaring urge flame

One thought, one feeling
Come from a fact

My eyes are now opened to why I react

2020 begins a new year
Setting impossible goals and welcoming fear

50/50 is what I expect
No longer will my thoughts go unchecked

Thanks to my challenges a coach has emerged
Valued by clients and feeling affirmed

To my peers and coaches I say with delight
Happy coaching to all and to all – good things are in sight!


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